Megapascal Contracting Technologies has been
operating since 1994 in the field of epoxy coatings,
waterproofing, joint sealing, concrete repairs, grouting
and epoxy screeding.

Subsequently, we have introduced other technologies in the specialist contracting activities, as follows:
  • Anti-static and conductive flooring – Veitchiguard
  • Butyl and Hypalon bandage to water retaining structures
  • Concrete repairs and rehabilitation
  • Chemical resistant coatings and screeds
  • Damp proofs both negative and positive pressures
  • Caulking and joint sealing
  • Non shrink grouting (cementitious and epoxies)
  • Silicone sealing
Waterproofing – approved specialist contractor for:
  • Acrylic/bitumen liquid waterproofing – Armcotech Products
  • Derbigum – sp4 and sp3 torch-on waterproofing systems – Derbigum (SA)
  • Bituthene 3000 and 5000 waterproofing system – Stoncor Africa
  • Index and Abedex torch-on waterproofing systems – ABE Construction Chemicals
  • Urethane trafficable waterproofing for parking decks – Armcotech & Stoncor Africa
  • Megaflex flexible cementitious waterproofing for showers, balconies, patios, parapet walls, walkways, etc. – Armcotech Products
  • Deltaplast torch-on waterproofing system – Stoncor Africa
  • Heidi special system for water structures – Armcotech Products